The Barn at Walnut Hill

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“What, were you born in a barn!?”

After spending time at the Barn on Walnut Hill, all we can say is, “We wish!”

This beautiful home, renovated by Poole & Poole Architecture, is an absolute gem. They got everything about the remodel right, showcasing historic details along with all the modern updates. Everywhere we turned we found elements that made us say, “WOW!” And yes, our camera loved it as much as we did.

But wait, it gets better. Just take a look outside…

Easily one of our favorites

The Barn at Walnut Hill is honestly one of our favorite homes we’ve ever photographed. The tasteful landscaping and sprawling land create a perfect setting for this modern barn home, the renovation and design was executed to a ‘T’, and Nea Poole from Poole & Poole Architecture was such a fantastic guide. We hope you enjoy the Barn at Walnut Hill as much as we do!

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