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Looking back and saying thank you for making 2018 excellent!

2018 was a big year of growth for Eastman Creative. We photographed over 600 properties and did more videography than ever before! Pushing our comfort level to build our skills and services allowed us to tell more stories of the beautiful space around Richmond than we ever thought possible. We discovered that growing bigger was exciting, but not the direction we want to take in 2019. This year we are focusing on what we love and doing it with style and intention. If you want to read more about our intentions you can find them here.

We created a little thank you video as a way to show our appreciation to all of you who helped make 2018 our best year yet. It doesn’t come close to showing all of the properties and amazing people we are proud to work with, but we hope you enjoy it! Cheers to another fantastic year behind us and a brilliant year ahead!

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