Saying Yes to 2019

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…Setting goals and intentions for a Badass year.

Eastman Creative launched October 1, 2014, and as we rounded our four-year mark this year, we reflected on how the business has grown and evolved. Originally launched as Sara Eastman Photography, a solo photographer multi-tasking as a first-time business owner, first-time mom, and a photographer with a real estate background, the company rebranded in 2016 as Eastman Creative. Today, Eastman Creative is a leading photography company in Richmond, known for our expertise in creating stunning photos that each tell a unique story. We have set ourselves apart through our quality standards, our trend-setting style, our ability to communicate feeling in a space, and thus add extraordinary value to our clients’ brands and businesses.

Identifying our ideal clients

Knowing what drives our creativity and passion for what we do, we have identified our ideal client. We seek clients who, like us, want to set marketing trends, are trailblazers in their field, demand the highest quality work, and want to grow their business. Utilizing beautiful photographs to tell the story of a space is an essential selling tool and a vital component of attracting your ideal clients. Our goal is to elevate your business and focus on telling stories of the beautiful spaces around Richmond.

Having identified whom we love to work with, we also have to come to terms with how we want to run our business. It is sad when meals, bath times, and bedtime routines inconveniently disrupt the workday. We rely so heavily on volume to support our small business, that our families are not getting the best of us. I think we can all agree that we want our lives to be full of love and smiles, not just work (which we also love). 

2019: a year of intention

In light of that, there are a lot of changes coming to Eastman Creative in 2019. We are simplifying wherever possible. First, Sara loves shooting and seeing your amazing faces. She will be doing more of the photography than she was able to last year. Laura will be spending more time with her adorable family, though she is excited to continue helping us build our video production.

Second, yes I think you saw this coming…as of January 1, 2019 we are adjusting our prices. This change reflects our growth in service and skill from where we started, and opens up an opportunity to give back to our community. We understand that for some of you, this will come as a dramatic change; however, many of you whose focus is on luxury properties, the only significant change you will see is how we package services (which is now much simpler). We want to emphasize to all of you our goal does not stop at helping you sell a listing.

In fact, our goal isn’t that at all. We are here to make sure you attract the clients you want to work with and get your next 5 listings, or your next 20 listings if you can handle it, because you showed those clients that your marketing is unmatched. As we set our intention for growth, giving, and quality of life in 2019, we invite you to do the same.

Please see the following link to our new pricing package and a detailed list of our services. We are happy to answer any questions to may have and look forward to continuing to grow with you in 2019.

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